Sairee Chahal

Sheroes, Founder

KAARYAH truly understands that one size doesn't fit all - it offers me something for ME that defines me, fits me and adds to my personality. It understands my individuality in every sense. That's why I blelieve in it too; it's the ME ardrobe!

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Vidya Pillai

World Snooker Champion

As a snooker player, I need clothes that are non-casual as its compulsory at national and international level championships. Every top brand in the coundtry makes shirts that are so short, that playing in them is next to impossible - and then I found KAARYAH which gives me the perfect fit & fabric and is so comfortable!

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Madhavi Jha

Director, Corporate Communications Honeywell India

I’ve found it exasperating to buy attractive clothes from some of the best, global, and expensive commercial brands, only to find poorly stitched and fraying seams, buttons that are placed too far apart for coverage or are poorly aligned.

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Shereen Bhan

Managing Editor, CNBC TV18

KAARYAH illustrates a marriage between functional and feminine which fits well with my work requirements and also represents facets of my own personality.

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Rashi Narang

Founder, Tail Lovers

KAARYAH focusses on getting the perfect fit with each pair of clothing, paying a huge deal of attention to details, and really understanding what their customers need.

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Swati Bhargava

Co-founder, - India’s Largest Cashback & Coupons Site

I am a ‘Desk to Dinner’ woman. My day usually starts around 6/6:30am. Since we have two operational cashback sites ( in UK and in India) in different time zones the first thing I do is - open my laptop and check email, answer any queries that come on Facebook and Twitter and on Whatsapp ! Having an online business means that while you were sleeping your ‘shop’ was still open so it’s important to quickly check how things are in the morning.

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