1. Mix and Match this Winter

    Mix and Match this Winter
    Winters are here and it is officially that time of the year when you prove your true love for fashion. It is also time to put on the quirk hats and conjure up magic with your existing wardrobe articles, to create some absolutely stunning mix and match. Not only will the right mix and match make your wardrobe look fuller...
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  2. Gift the favorite woman in your life, her Perfect FIT this Diwali

    Gift the favorite woman in your life, her Perfect FIT this Diwali
    Gift the best woman of your life her ‘Perfect FIT’ this Diwali coz she deserves no less. Getting the right FIT is not just about looking awesome (which she will, of course! :D) but it’s also about celebrating her uniqueness.  Well-FIT clothes that complement one’s body type are both rare and treasured and possibly one of the best things you...
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  3. Why Diwali is the best season to shop guilt free

    Why Diwali is the best season to shop guilt free
    Diwali is that one time in the year when ‘shopping till you drop’- literally (and guilt free too!) is your absolute right and any reason is a good reason to buy whatever you like- yes WHATEVER!!! So while the world around you is busy filling up their shopping carts, why must you lag behind?! It is therefore the best time...
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  4. Reinvent your Autumn Winter style

    Reinvent your Autumn Winter style
    Ladies, give a fresh spin to your autumn winter style with these 5 awesome hacks. We promise they can instantly make your wardrobe go from hot to hotter! Skirt it up style While layering on top keeps you warm and snuggled, skirts can add a lot of panache to your A/W Wardrobe. So keep that jacket on, but don’t forget...
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  5. KAARYAH's Autumn Winter Classics

    KAARYAH's Autumn Winter Classics
    Autum Winter is every fashion lovers’ favorite time of the year. From wearing bold colors, to flaunting those super stylish jackets and scarves, it’s all about dressing up and feeling festive. We bring to you the 5 Not to be missed A/W styles from KAARYAH. Get your hand s on them before somebody else does! Go Red- Red is the...
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  6. Make-Up: not made up

    Make-Up: not made up
    Ever so often, I walk into a mall across some city and get a scare or two from coming face to face with a woman with just too much make up - sounds familiar? Here’s a guys take on what I think of such a “my fair lady" There are moments of anguish and self restraint when I come across...
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  7. Dress your way through Meetings

    Dress your way through Meetings
    The un-apologetically ambitious woman is not just so about her career choices but also her wardrobe preferences. Gone are the days when being formally yet conservatively dressed was the ideal way to be. The discerning women of today believe in fierce fashion all the way. From skirts, to jumpsuit and dresses, work places in India, have warmed up to fashionable...
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  8. Disclaimers from the (Indian) Working Woman

    Disclaimers from the (Indian) Working Woman
    Women will be occupying at least 50% of the Indian workforce in a few years, with the 'working woman' population growing at a rapid pace. While the infrastructure of the Indian Corporate world may be blooming, the work environment could get a few shades better. It is high time now that women stop being treated as minority, or a special...
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  9. A Brother is a Friend For Life

    A Brother is a Friend For Life
    Hi Girls, Rakhsabandhan is round the corner and don't you all agree it is quite ironical that we tie a rakhi to seek "protection" from our brothers, while we have been protecting them FOREVER, from daddy's wrath, from Mommy's Karele ki Sabzi; from helping out with girl troubles to making fancy school reports for them! Well, jokes apart they truly...
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  10. Best Friends Shop Together

    Best Friends Shop Together
    This is a note dedicated to our better halves who’re basically god sent! No, I don’t mean husbands and boyfriends folks, I’m talking about the specie we fondly call best friends or BFFs.  These are people who make sure we never do anything wrong (without them that is) and are the only ones who match our crazy quotient! via GIPHY...
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